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Stories from the internet - that no one wants to experience

Especially not you! Scroll through the cartoons on this website and learn how to protect yourself online.

I'm away for a while

The date

Risks to children

Unexpected consequences

An expensive gift

The IQ test

A nice surprise

The problem

Digital memories

Unlocked doors


The “Stories from the internet” are the result of an unusual partnership of different agencies of the Confederation and the cantons. By means of the cartoons we want to give as many people in Switzerland as possible an opportunity to reflect on their own experience of the internet, to discuss this and to extend their knowledge further. Our common goal is to strengthen the population’s security and confidence in using information and communication technologies (ICT).

Media release for the launch of "Stories from the internet" 16/11/2010 (PDF 37KB)


The "Stories from the internet" publication is an implementation measure of the "Security and Confidence" concept which was acknowledged by the Federal Council on 11 June 2010. This concept outlines measures intended to assist the population and SMEs with the safety-conscious and legally compliant use of information and communication technologies (ICT). The measures are implemented under the direction of OFCOM's Information Society Coordination Office, together with various professional organisations.